The Research Institute for Psychology & Health (P&H) is a Dutch research and training institute, formally accredited by the Royal Netherlands Academy of Science (KNAW). P&H includes ± 125 senior researchers and about ± 75 Ph.D.-candidates from several Dutch, Belgian, and French universities.




The P&H legacy


There has been quite some boasting on P&H's achievements in the past months - what would you expect?  In hindsight everything looks very well. Notwithstanding some potentially biasing influences, we are proud of what we have done in the past fifteen years - and I am certain I can speak not only on behalf of myself but also on behalf of Wolfgang Stroebe and Wilmar Schaufeli. The three generations of directors have each accomplished to contribute to the education of Ph.D. students in the Netherlands and in Belgium and managed to set up a successful network of researchers. Maybe  -, you never know  -  in a few years there will be new attempts to set up collaboration between universities. For that reason, we thought it would be a good idea to help such an initiative and document P&H's intellectual legacy on the website. Below, you can find a listing of the educational programme, research seminars, keynotes, conferences, members and the like. 

Denise de Ridder


- The P&H lecture series

- The P&H conferences

- International research seminars

- Overview P&H thesis

- Kubus (uit de KNAW-erkenningsaanvraag 1994)

- Opleidings- en Begeleidingsprogramma 1e periode (uit de KNAW-erkenningsaanvraag)

- Research areas (KNAW-erkenningsaanvraag 1994)

- The ten Expert groups

- Who are associated with P&H?

- The organizational structure of P&H

- Training program (KNAW-erkenningsaanvraag 1994)

- Output 1995 - 2007

- Time schedule of information exchange between Ph.D.-students and P&H

- P&H members December 2010

- Lijst AIO's die het P&H certificaat hebben ontvangen

- Brief nieuw Kernmoduul

- Lijst met leden van alle P&H besturen/commissies


Pictures of the Eighth Conference on Psychology and Health at De Werelt in Lunteren,


May 27 & 28 2010, can be found here:


June 8: Sad news regarding the future of P&H


Due to the ending of the ECOS-acknowledgement of the research institutes, P&H will not be able to continue in its present form as of January 2011. Resultantly, no new members and projects will be registered as of now. After a long trajectory in which a numer of different options to continue P&H have been seriously evaluated, the board of P&H had no other choice than to make the (sad) decision to end P&H as of January 2011, as is explained in the attached letter. Naturally, the upcoming 7 months, P&H will continue with all activities planned. Next to that, everything will be done to take care as good as possible to the winding up of all matters of interest, such as the P&H training certificates. Regarding the continuation of Ph.D. student training after January 2011, we advise you to get into contact with your local graduate school, who are formally responsible for the training of Ph.D. students.


April 1: Update on the latest developments regarding the future of research schools in general


* The report and advise of the Committee Van der Vliet, which shows a very positive attitude on the continuation of interuniversity research schools

* The official reaction of the KNAW, VSNU, and NWO on this report and their recommendation (March 30, 2010; in Dutch)








- Photos of Lizet's Farewell party:


-  E-mental health voor somatische aandoeningen - formulier


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