The main concern in this Expert Group is the study of eating behavior in all its manifestations varying from emotional eating and other mild distortions of food intake to full-blown eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia nervosa. The Expert Group discusses both experimental and clinical approaches to the study of eating behavior as well as survey research, thereby highlighting both normal and abnormal aspects of the psychology of eating. The Expert Group discusses various theoretical approaches but is mostly concerned with the perspective of self-regulation to understand and explain why some people experience problems with controlling their eating. Topics of interest include: decision making about foods, the role of affect in eating, self-control and temptation in eating, psychological aspects of eating in interaction with biological and social components, innovative methods such as data collection by electronic food diaries and naturalistic experimental settings, eating in children and adolescents, and prevention of overweight.

Coordinator: Prof.dr. Denise de Ridder, Utrecht University;


Drs. Marieke Adriaanse
Prof.dr. Marrie Bekker
Drs. Benjamin de Boer
Dr. Unna Danner
Dr. Catharine Evers
Dr. Winnie Gebhardt

Drs. Jenny Huijg
Drs. Floor Kroese

Drs. Nynke van der Laan

Drs. Josje Maas
Drs. Esther Papies
Prof.dr. Denise de Ridder
Dr. Monique Smeets

Drs. Marijn Stok
Prof.dr. Wolfgang Stroebe

Drs. Charlotte Vinkers
Drs. Iris Voorneman

Drs. Jessie de Witt Huberts
Drs. Hanna Zijlstra