Since P&H has grown strongly throughout the years, some of the five Areas within P&H have become very large and heterogeneous. As of September 1, 2003, P&H members have, resultantly, also been subsumed in smaller, more homogenous Expert Groups. Each Expert Group has a coordinator who is responsible for the implementation of the research program of P&H and its development within the specific subarea, by means of exchanging information on current and future research projects among the members, planning of research, initiating new joint research projects, and organizing of research seminars, symposia, and lectures.

The ten Expert Groups are:
1. Psychophysiology and health
2. Psychotrauma and grief
3. Eating behavior: self-regulation of visceral behaviors
4. Life span development
5.  Work, stress, and health
6.  Planned health behavior change
7.  Adjustment to chronic illness / Intervention research
8.  Patient-provider interaction (PPI)
9.  Health related quality of life
10. Emotion regulation