Projects started in 2004

Eltica de Jager Meezenbroek, Helen Dowling Instituut ( Spirituality in patients with cancer - the development of a spirituality (Prof.dr. W.B. Schaufeli, Dr. B. Garssen; Dr. A.Pl Visser)

Maarten Fischer, Universiteit Leiden, Medische Psychologie LUMC ( Outpatient respiratory rehabilitation attendance: psychological factors and patient wishes in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) (Prof.dr. A.A. Kaptein & Dr. M. Scharloo)

Inge Henselmans, RUG - MED, Gezondheidswetenschappen ( Feelings of control and Adjustment to breast Cancer during the course of Treatment (FACT) (Prof.dr. R. Sanderman, Dr. A. Ranchor & Dr. J. de Vries)

Karolijne van der Houwen, UU-FSS, Klinische Psychologie ( Individual differences in efficacy of the disclosure paradigm in bereavement: styles of attachment (Prof.dr. J. van den Bout, Prof.dr. W. Stroebe, Dr. M. Stroebe & Dr. H. Schut)

Jesse Jansen, NIVEL ( Communication with elderly patients during nursing encounters preceding chemotherapy (Prof.dr. J. Bensing, Prof.dr. T. Heeren, Dr. S. van Dulmen & Dr. J. de Weert)

Emma Massey, UL-FSS, Klinische Gezondheidspsychologie ( Goal frustration, cognitive emotion regulation strategies (CERS) and quality of life (QoL) in adolescent headache patients (Prof.dr. S. Maes, Dr. W. Gebhardt & Dr. N. Garnefski)

Miriam Oosterom, UU-MED, Verplegingswetenschap ( The effect of comprehensive counseling by a nurse specialist on depressive symptoms an quality of life: A prospective randomized study in patients with head and neck cancer (Dr. R. de Leeuw & Dr. W. Ros)

Bart Verkuil, UL-FSS, Klinische en Gezondheidspsychologie ( Worry intentions and health complaints (Prof.dr.
S. Maes & Dr. J. Brosschot)

Projects started in 2005

Kars, UU-MED, verplegingswetenschap ( The experiences, needs and coping strategies of parents caring at home for their child with cancer in the palliative phase and the way nurses support them (Prof.dr. J.J.M. den Delder, Prof.dr. M.H.F. Grypdonck & Prof.dr. M. Verkerk)

Arthur Rademaker, Universiteit Utrecht / Centraal Militair Hospitaal ( Onderzoek naar de relatie tussen persoonlijkheid en Posttraumatische Stress Stoornis bij Nederlandse militairen en veteranen (Prof.dr. R. Kleber)

Oerlemans, UU-FSS, Sociale & Organisatiepsychologie ( Healthy work relations between ethnic minorities and majorities: A study on social support, discrimination and well-being (Prof.dr. W. Schaufeli & Dr. M. Peeters)

Robert Smith, UvT-FSS, Psychologie en Gezondheid ( Chronic and Episodic Psychological Determinants of Chronic Heart Failure Prognosis: A Prospective Study (Prof.dr. J. Denollet, Dr. Y. Gidron & Dr. J.B. Winter)

Joanne Gerrits, UU-FSS, Gezondheidspsychologie ( The impact of prototypes and behavioural willingness on health-risk and health-promoting behaviour; Adolescents and (un)healthy eating (Prof.dr. D. de Ridder, Dr. R. Kuijer & Dr. J. de Wit)

Bal, VU, Fac. Economische Wetenschappen en Bedrijfskunde Management & Organisatiekunde ( The psychological contract between the older worker and the organization (Prof.dr. P. Jansen, Dr. A. de Lange & Dr. M. van der Velde)

Bloem, UvA-MED, Medische Psychologie ( Understanding changes in quality of life in cancer patients: a cognitive interview approach (Prof.dr. M.A.G. Sprangers, Prof.dr. C.C.E. Koning, Dr. M.R.M. Visser & Dr. F.J. van Zuuren))

Pelle, UvT-FSS, Klinische & Gezondheidspsychologie ( Type D-personality and heart failure: burden of a life-threatening cardiac condition in an ageing population (Prof.dr. J. Denollet, Dr. Y.Y. Gidron & B.M. Szabó, MD)

Kim Smolderen, UvT-FSS, Klinische & Gezondheidspsychologie ( Type D and Vascular Atherosclerosis: A Prospective Study on Subclinical Cardiac Disease (Prof.dr. J. Denollet, Dr. J. de Vries & Dr. A.E.M. Aquarius)

Schokker, RUG-MED, NCG ( Diabetes education: Undermining and promoting effects of self-adopted therapy goals and partner behaviour (Prof.dr. R. Sanderman, Prof.dr. B.H.R. Wolffenbuttel, Dr. M. Hagedoorn, Dr. J. Bouma, Dr. J.C. Keers & Dr. T.P. Links)

Jin, RUG-MED, NCG ( Sex differences in caregiving distress: The effects of role identity, self-theories, and feedback (Prof.dr. R. Sanderman, Prof.dr. N.W. van Yperen & Dr. M. Hagedoorn)

Veronica Janssen, UL-FSS, Klinische en gezondheidspsychologie ( A Self-Regulation Intervention Program for Lifestyle Change in Myocardial Infarction Patients (Prof.dr. S. Maes & Dr. V. de Gucht)

Jellema, UL-FSS, Klinische & Gezondheidspsychologie ( Preparing young people for unanticipated and unplanned sexual encounters: A theory- and evidence-based approach to program development in the context of safe sex (Prof.dr. S. Maes & Dr. P. van Empelen)

Sanne Franssen, UvA-MED ( Cancer patients' wish not to know and tailored information giving, a prospective study (Prof.dr. J.C.J.M. de Haes, Prof.dr
. C.C.E. Koning& Dr. E.M.A. Smets)

Projects started in 2006

Gjalt-Jorn Ygram Peters, Universiteit Maastricht ( Interactive health promotion about ecstasy (Prof.dr. G. Kok & Prof.dr. Ch. Abraham)

de Bruin, Universiteit Maastricht ( Improving patient adherence to Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy (Prof.dr. H. Hospers & Prof.dr. G. Kok)

Natasha Varenik, VU-FSW, SCC ( Sharing the care: choices of adult children with parents in need of care (Prof.dr. T. van Tilburg & Dr. M. Broese van Groenou)

Dirk Franssens, Universiteit Maastricht ( Coming-out, coming-in and hiv-risk. A longitudinal follow-up of young gay men's sexual relationships, sexual risk behaviors, and gay community interaction (Prof.dr. H. Hospers)

Hans Feenstra, U
niversiteit Maastricht ( Improving traffic safety behavior of adolescents (Prof.dr. G. Kok & Dr. R. Ruiter)

Adriaanse, Universiteit Utrecht ( Does planning facilitate self-regulation ? The role of implementation intentions in the realisation of personal goals related to healthy eating (Prof.dr. D. de Ridder & Dr. J. de Wit)

Karin Lemmens, GVO ( The systematic recruitment of new blood donors (Prof.dr. H. Schaalma & Dr. Rob Ruiter)

De Greef, Universiteit Gent, Bewegings- en Sportwetenschappen ( Controlled outcome evaluations of a daily physical activity intervention for individuals with Type 2 diabetes (Prof.dr. I. De Bourdeaudhuij)

Torben Schulz, RUG - Health Psychology Research ( Psychosocial predictors for adaptation to renal transplantation (Prof.dr. A.V. Ranchor, Prof.dr. R. Ploeg, Dr. J. Niesing, Dr. J.J. Homan van der Heide & Dr. R. Westerhuis)

Projects started in 2007

Akke Albada, NIVEL ( Web-based tailored information and question prompt for enhancing counselee participation and outcome; a RCT in breast cancer genetic counseling (Prof.dr . J.M. Bensing, Prof.dr. D. Lindhout, Dr. A. van Dulmen & Dr. M. Ausems)

Eva Alisic, PsychotraumaCenter for Children and Youth (UMC Utrecht) ( Child & Trauma: An integral study on posttraumatic reactions in primary school children (Prof.dr. R.J. Kleber & Dr. T.A.W. van der Schoot)

Rabina Cozijnsen, VU, Faculty of Social Sciences, Dept. of Social and Cultural Sciences ( Retirement in transition: consequences for resources and well-being of retires in the Netherlands between 1992-1995 and 2002-2005 (Prof.dr. N. Stevens & Prof.dr. T.G. van Tilburg)

Annelieke N. Drogendijk, Instituut voor Psychotrauma ( Cultural diversity in mental health after a disaster (Prof.dr. R.J. Kleber, Prof.dr. B.P.R. Gersons, Dr. P.G. van der Velden)

Marianne Kool, UU - FSS, Klinische & Gezondheidspsychologie ( Invalidation of invisible disorders: The qualification and validation of a key issue in fibromyalgia and rheumatic diseases (Prof.dr. R. Geenen, Prof.dr. J. Bijlsma & Dr. H. van Middendorp)

Floor Kroese, UU - FSS, Klinische & Gezondheidspsychologie ( Forbidden fruits or hidden pleasures: The effect of temptations on long-term goals (Prof.dr. D.T.D. de Ridder & Dr. C. Evers)

Suzanne Lagerveld, TNO ( Return to Work, self-efficacy and the recovery from mental health problems (Prof.dr. R. Blonk, Prof.dr. W. Schaufeli & Dr. V. Brenninkmeijer)


Gemma Maters, UMCG ( A psychological intervention in COPD patients who are hospitalized with an exacerbation: a RCT to improve health related quality of life outcomes and study mechanisms of change (Prof.dr. R. Sanderman, Dr. G. Pool & Dr. J.B. Wempe)

Marijn Prins, NIVEL ( Care for anxiety and depression patients in primary care - the patient's perspective explored (Prof.dr. J. Bensing, Prof.dr. K. van der Meer & Dr. P. Verhaak)

Geert Smid, Stichting Centrum '45 ( Deconstructing Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (Prof.dr. R. Kleber, Prof.dr. B.P.R. Gersons, Dr. P.G. van der Velden)

Jaap Trappenburg, UU - Juliuscentrum, Public Health ( Self management and early detection of exacerbations in patients with COPD; ACZIE study (Prof.dr. A.J.P. Schrijvers, Dr. G. de Weert-van Oene, Prof.dr. Th.J.M. Verheij & Prof.dr. J.W.J. Lammers)

Projects started in 2008:

Francine Aarts, UU - FSS, Klinische & Gezondheidspsychologie ( When the going gets tough: Coping plans as a tool for maintaining loss of overweight (Prof.dr. D.T.D. de Ridder)

Jos Akkermans, UU - FSS, Sociale & Organisatiepsychologie ( Prevention of Absence at Work and Inability to Work with Young Employees (Prof.dr. R. Blonk, Prof.dr. W.B. Schaufeli & Dr. V. Brenninkmeijer)

Benjamin de Boer, EUR, Institute for Psychology ( Discerning two types of self-control, using regulatory focus theory (Prof.dr. A.B. Bakker & Dr. E.A.J. van Hooft)


Johan Bresseleers, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Psychologie, Stress, Gezondheid en Welzijn ( Hyperventilation, Cerebral Blood Flow and Neuropsychological Complaints (Prof.dr. O. van den Bergh)

Laurien Buitinga, Universiteit Twente, Psychologie & Communicatie van Gezondheid & Risico ( Waardering van QOL bij pijn met reumatische aandoeningen (Prof.dr. M.A.F.J. van de Laar)


Mariana Cordovil de Sousa Uva, University of Louvain, Research Unit for Emotion, Cognition and Health ( Motivational, cognitive and emotional processes involved in alcohol addiction (Prof.dr. O. Luminet)


Alinda Drogt, UU-FSS, Klinische & Gezondheidspsychologie ( Preventie van overgewicht op het werk (Prof.dr. D.T.D. de Ridder)

Elisa van Ee, Centrum '45 ( The impact of intergenerational transmission of wartrauma on the development of the young child (Prof.dr. R. Kleber)

Delphine Grynberg, University of Louvain, Research Unit for Emotion, Cognition and Health ( Impact of individual differences in emotional abilities on perspective taking: Mediation by attention and executive processes (Prof.dr. O. Luminet)

Jackie June ter Heide, Centrum '45 ( Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing versus Stabilisation in the Outpatient Treatment of Traumatised Asylum Seekers and Refugees: A Randomised Controlled Trial (Prof.dr. R. Kleber & Dr. T. Mooren)

Marij Hillen, AMC-UvA, Medische Psychologie ( Cancer patients' trust in their oncologist (Prof.dr. J.C.J.M. de Haes & Dr. E.M.A. Smets)


Marie Housiaux, University of Louvain, Research Unit for Emotion, Cognition and Health ( Effects of the level of Emotional Awareness on glycaemic control in a population of type 1 diabetic children: Emotional Awareness as a possibly protective factor in chronic illness management (Prof.dr. O. Luminet)


Jojanneke Korte, Universiteit Twente, Psychologie & Communicatie van Gezondheid & Risico ( Prevention of depression and anxiety in later life: A randomised trial (RCT) of the cost-effectiveness of integrative reminiscence (Prof.dr. E. Seydel & Dr. E. Bohlmeijer)


Tamara Lacourt, UU-FSS, Klinische & Gezondheidspsychologie ( Medically unexplained somatic complaints: a role for brain cytokines? (Prof.dr. L.J.P. van Doornen & Dr. J.H. Houtveen)


Magali Lahaye, University of Louvain, Research Unit for Emotion, Cognition and Health ( Impact of emotional personality traits of asthmatic children and their parents on their quality of like and on their adherence on treatment (Prof.dr. O. Luminet)

Karin Landsbergen, KUN-UMC, St. Radboud ( Psychosocial impact of genetic risk assessment in newly diagnosed colorectal cancer patients and barriers for family communication of genetic cancer risk (Prof.dr. H. Brunner, Dr. N. Hoogerbrugge & Dr. J. Prins)

Esther Meerman, University of Leiden, Clinical, Health- and Neuropsychology Department ( Health worry and subjective health complaints (Prof.dr. C.M.J.G. Maes & Dr. F.J. Brosschot)

Stephanie Nikolaus, Universiteit Twente, Psychologie & Communicatie van Gezondheid & Risico ( Vermoeidheid bij RA-patiënten (Prof.dr. M.A.F.J. van de Laar, Dr. E. Taal & Dr. C. Bode)


Gera Noordzij, Erasmus University Rotterdam - FSW, Instituut voor Psychologie ( The role of goal orientation in reemployment counselling (Prof.dr. M. Born, Dr. E.A.J. van Hooft & Dr. H. van Mierlo)


Marijn van Oers, UU-FSS, Klinische & Gezondheidspsychologie ( Psychological evaluation and management of fatigue in Sjögrens syndrome and non-Sjögrens sicca syndrome (Prof.dr. R. Geenen, Dr. A. Kruize & Dr. E.R. Bossema)

Else Ouweneel, UU - FSS, Sociale & Organisatiepsychologie ( Vitality: Validation, Evaluation and Optimalization of the Use of the Vitality Scan (Prof.dr. W.B. Schaufeli & Dr. P.M. le Blanc)

Meike Pappens, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Psychologie, Stress, Gezondheid en Welzijn ( Interoceptive Fear Conditioning To Respiratory Cues (Prof.dr. O. van den Bergh)


Rilana Prenger, Universiteit Twente, Psychologie & Communicatie van Gezondheid & Risico ( Assessing outcomes and cost-effectiveness of behavioural health interventions (Prof.dr. E.R. Seydel)


Dimitri van Ryckeghem, Universiteit Gent, Vakgroep Experimenteel-Klinische en Gezondheidspsychologie ( When and how does directing attention away from pain affect the experience of pain? (Prof.dr. G. Crombez)


Corinne van Scheppingen, UMCG/RUG, Noordelijk Centrum voor Gezondheidsvraagstukken ( Problem solving therapy to reduce distress in patients with cancer: a RCT and investigation of mechanisms of change (Prof.dr. R. Sanderman, Prof.dr. J.C. Coyne & Dr. G. Pool)

Sarah Stutterheim, Universiteit Maastricht, Work and Social Psychology ( PLUS: HIV-related stigma and taboo (Prof.dr. H. Schaalma, Prof.dr. P. Muris & Dr. A. Bos)


William Verheul, NIVEL ( The role of physician-patient communication in the placebo effect (Prof.dr. J.M. Bensing)

Iris Voorneman, UU - FSS, Klinische & Gezondheidspsychologie ( Beyond Expectations (Prof.dr. D.T.D. de Ridder)

Corine van Wijhe, UU - FSS, Sociale & Organisatiepsychologie ( Understanding and Treating Workaholism (Prof.dr. W.B. Schaufeli & Dr. M.C.W. Peeters)


Hanna Zijlstra, UU - FSS, Klinische & Gezondheidspsychologie, Hogeschool van Amsterdam - Opleiding Voeding ( Cognitive-emotional processes that obstruct a succesful outcome after gastric banding for morbid obesity (Prof.dr. R. Geenen, Dr. B. van Ramshorst & Dr. J.K. Larsen)


Jessie de Witt Huberts, UU-FSS, Klinische & Gezondheidspsychologie ( Eating for emotional comfort or misregulation of negative emotions (Prof.dr. D.T.D. de Ridder & Dr. C. Evers)


Jana Hoffmann, RUG-SHARE ( Dyadic coping with renal dialysis and renal transplant (Prof.dr. M. Hagedoorn & Prof.dr. A.V. Ranchor)