The (new) P&H Lecture Series



As of 2008, the Research Institute for Psychology & Health has introduced a new format for its lecture series with internationally renowned researchers in the field of psychology and health as guest lecturers. Per calendar year, there will be four meetings that take place in Utrecht on Thursday afternoons from 2 pm to 5 pm (except the lecture of Prof.dr. Burns, which will take place on Tuesday morning from 10 am to 1 pm).






A master class format allows for (even) more interaction between guest lecturers and participants! Each master class will start with a keynote lecture of approximately 1 hour by the guest lecturer, followed by a maximum of 6 presentations by Ph.D.-students and, potentially, other members of the Research Institute who would like to get the keynote’s (and other attendees’) ideas or opinions about their own (related) research.






Of course, all P&H-members, but also non-P&H-members are very welcome to attend. However, we would like to invite Ph.D.-students in particular, because it may provide them with useful feedback on their own research. Moreover, as of 2008, it is obligatory for P&H Ph.D.-students to attend at least 6 of these lectures as part of their P&H training and to present at least once within the lecture series.





If you are interested in attending one or more lectures, we advice you to register as soon as possible via Lizet Hoekert of the P&H office ( Entrance is free for P&H-members. For non-P&H-members, a fee of € 10,- is asked.




Ph.D.-students who would like to give a presentation are kindly requested to include an abstract of 250 words together with their registration, at least 1 month before the lecture




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