P&H distinguishes 3 types of Ph.D. students:

1) The 'regular' "Assistenten in Opleiding" (AiO's), who have an equivalent of 4 years full-time to work on their project

2) Junior researchers, who have limited time to work on their project (e.g., 2 or 3 years)

3) External Ph.D. students ("buiten-promovendi"), who work most of their time on another task besides research (e.g., therapy) and in a setting outside of the university


These different types of P&H Ph.D. students have different obligations regarding the training that they should attend. The 'regular' Ph.D. students should attend at least 830 hours of training and 400 hours of individual counseling and supervision during the Ph.D. contract in order to obtain the P&H certificate. Besides a number of optional courses in, for instance, Methodology and Statistics or Academic Skills, some courses are obligatory.


1) For 'regular' Ph.D. students of the year groups as of 2008, the following training is obligatory:


For 'regular' Ph.D. students of all year groups before 2008, the following training is obligatory (although the other criteria may also be applied, whichever suits best):