Toward the KNAW, we have an obligation to guard the progress of our Ph.D. students and their projects. Within each institution that is participating in P&H, progress interviews are often an integral part of the local procedure at the different research institutes. Promotor(s) and supervisor(s) are expected to take care of the timely initiation of these interviews and the timely deliverance of the accompanying progress reports to P&H. However, Ph.D. students also have their own responsibility with respect to these interviews. In other words: Ph.D. students may also initiate such interviews themselves. It is stressed that even if a project goes according to plan, these interviews are an important means to evaluate the (quality of) collaboration and state of affairs. If you run into any problems during your Ph.D. studentship that cannot be solved by your supervisors and yourself, most universities have a Ph.D. student mentor who you can contact.

P&H would like to obtain copies of these annual progress reports if available or, in case this report contains information that P&H does not concern, an adapted version of these, in order to be updated annually on the progress of the project. For those Ph.D. students who do not have ‘formal’ progress reports, we developed a progress report for the first year and an abridged version for the second and third year (see below) that can be filled out by the Ph.D. student.

In order to profit the most from these annual progress reports, we ask Ph.D. students to fill out their progress reports in anticipation of the Ph.D. Research Seminar I in the first year and the P&h Day in the second and third year. By filling out the progress report at this time, the Ph.D. student becomes aware of where he or she is within the project, the things that go according to plan, and potential problems that may have arisen. This can be used as input for the presentations to be held at the Ph.D. Research Seminar I and the P&h Day.

Progress report 1st year

Abridged progress report 2nd & 3rd year