You are automatically invited for obligatory courses, except the ones you need to make a choice in (i.e., workshops of the Core Module, International Research Seminars, and P&H Lectures). You can register for these and all other P&H courses by e-mail, phone or letter to the P&H office. Be aware that there is a maximum of 20 participants alllowed in each of the workshops of the Core Module!

You can register for the courses within the training guide ‘Onderwijs voor promovendi’ of Utrecht University by filling out the registration form within the guide. You can also send an e-mail to The form will then be sent digitally. Ph.D. students of Utrecht University, Faculty of Social Sciences, can participate in the courses within this guide free of charge. For the other Ph.D. students of P&H a reduced fee is due. As a general rule, there should be no financial barriers to participate in the P&H Training Program. In most cases, Ph.D.-candidates within P&H will have to give little attention to financial aspects of their training as long as they participate in courses included in the P&H program. For International Research Seminars and - in most cases - courses outside the P&H program, a fee is due. If a fee is due, please contact the local administrator at your own university or faculty, as training funds are administered locally (and not by P&H). Should there be any questions about or problems with financial aspects, please do not hesitate to contact us. The P&H Office is glad to assist in trying to find solutions.

Sending certificates
For all optional courses, either taken at Utrecht University or elsewhere, you need to send evidence of your participation in the course afterwards in order to get it registered in your personal file. Note that you do not need to send certificates of the Introduction Day, Ph.D. Research I, P&h Day, Core Module workshops, P&H Lectures, and International Research Seminars, since these are automatically registered by Janet Hurtado!

Janet Hurtado keeps track of the courses attended by each Ph.D. student and will send intermediate overviews (annually, around the summer period). Nonetheless, Ph.D. students are strongly adviced to carefully register courses that they have attended themselves as well! All questions (e.g. dates, registration, procedures, finance, etc.) can be directed to the P&H office at phone number (+31) 30 253 4514 or For questions about the contents of a course, please contact the coordinator or staff directly.