TRAINING PROGRAM (KNAW-erkenningsaanvraag 1994)


2.5          The Structure of the Curriculum

The following training clusters are distinguished:

cluster I  : orientation (160 hrs)

cluster II                : domain-specific theories (480 hrs) 

cluster III: methods and techniques of research (240 hrs)

cluster IV: general professional skills (160 hrs)

cluster V                : individual supervision PhD research (min. 400 hrs)


- The training program is customized as much as possible, depending on the specific PhD project and the expertise of the individual participant. He/she can select from the various program activities, after consulting the promotor. It is also possible to attend relevant training activities elsewhere, utilizing resources of other research schools.

- In addition, a minimum of 400 hours has been reserved for the assistance of the participant's dissertation work (PhD supervision).

- The participant's investment in the program is laid down in a contract, i.e. an individual work plan, drawn up in the first months of his/her appointment as a research assistant/trainee researcher. This contract specifies mutual obligations in the context of the training program; it is the so-called training-and-supervision plan. The participant, the promotor and the coordinator of the program are required to jointly develop the training contract. The contract is open to revision, in mutual consul­tation.