Ph.D.-candidates who successfully participated in courses organized by P&H automatically receive a certificate for each separate course. The same applies to courses organized by ISOR, Utrecht. Unless otherwise stated, the minimum requirement for a P&H course certificate is that participants have actually followed 80% of the course.

Participants in optional courses of Utrecht University and elsewhere should make sure to ask the coordinator or teaching staff for proof of participation and send a copy to the P&H Office. Proof of participation is necessary in order to receive the overall P&H certificate at the end of the training program. Note that you do not need to send certificates of the Introduction Day, Ph.D. Research I, P&h Day, Core Module workshops, P&H Lectures, and International Research Seminars, since these are automatically registered by Janet Hurtado!

The overall P&H certificate is granted to P&H trainees at the public defense of the Ph.D.-thesis or, if preferred, at the formal end of the project, provided that the training requirements of P&H (number of training hours) are met. The certificate at least includes record of: